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        Enditall Networks has been a small web portal and I.T. resource since '99 and will continue to provide services to members.

      "Enditall" was originally going to be a final resource to
answer all your tech questions. After you searched the web for
answers and just got lost or confused, this would be the end of
your problems. All the links to the best software, recommendations
for the best hardware, tricks to make your system run more
efficiently, etc.

As you may know, that never came to fruition. Instead the site had a few entry points. A business side, a fun side and some
Tech resource pages that actually had the original purpose in its
making. The Tech pages were only known by way of mouth. There
were no links to it. The users of them were the first members of
Enditall Networks.

        As for the business side of the site, I started offering
hi-end game systems, servers, and lower end budget PCs. They had
an ECS label on them, that stood for Enditall Computer Solutions.
But of course some one else was more successful making "ECS" there
logo so I stopped with that label. And the business site was

        The fun side is what got most attention so it continued. It
put another spin on the enditall name. Appealing more to the "Dark
side of the web." Now that too is retired.

        Gamers may know my site by accident. While this site was still young, a programmer made a very nice utility and named it
"EndItAll". It was published by Ziff Davis (ZDnet and PC magazine). It showed apps running in the background of the computer and allowed you to close them, freeing precious system memory. Gamers and techs came here looking for it and I kindly gave them a link to ZDnet to get it. ZDnet expressly forbade the distribution of there software which other sites ignored, otherwise I would have gladly hosted that app.

        Now the site will change again, after a few years of no
updates. I hope to provide a new angle for Enditall Networks.

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